We don’t want that, do we.

We don’t want that, do we. 

We want your text to read like proper English, and we want zero fuss.

If you’d care to send it to me (by clicking here), I’ll let you know promptly what it will cost to translate into perfect, readable English.

But first maybe you want to check that I’m any good? Perhaps you are worried I’m out of your league pricewise?

Not sure if I can do the kind of translation you need? Maybe you’re wondering who exactly will be handling the translation for you? Or just what it is that makes my translations different from anyone else’s?

All good questions. This website is here to answer them.

Once you’re satisfied you want to get in touch, just click here to see a choice of ways of doing so. You’ll find working with me plain sailing.


Want to know if I can handle the kind of translation you need?

Probably the best way is just to ask me, by using one of the contact methods here.

But if you’re feeling shy, I can tell you that I do translations from German into English, and sometimes from Russian into English too.


Client testimonials

  • Tom Morrison

    Tom Morrison
    Past winner of Translation Idol

    “I particularly appreciated the way the rhythms of the original text came out in your translation.”

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  • Paul Boothroyd

    Paul Boothroyd
    Übersetzungen GbR

    “That was another fine piece of work, thank you. You write a very clear style.”

    read more

  • Mark Hirst

    Mark Hirst
    Journalist and filmmaker,
    Ginger Smith Productions

    “Hugh has an exceptionally good eye for detail and has been meticulous in his approach to the translations we have...

    read more

  • Tatyana Matsuk

    Tatyana Matsuk
    Poet, writer and analyst

    “Hugh Fraser has a wonderful sense of poetry.”

    read more

  • Tanja Winkler

    Tanja Winkler
    Biologist and journalist

    “Thank you very much, you have been a great help all the way through!”

    read more

  • Arkadii Tiurin

    Arkadii Tiurin
    New Social Solutions

    “We are endlessly grateful to have Fraser Translations as a partner.”

    read more

  • Dr. Michael Harr

    Dr. Michael Harr
    CTF Solar GmbH

    “I am very satisfied with Hugh Fraser’s work, and he always delivers on time.”

    read more

  • Andrea Banning

    Andrea Banning
    FUHR GmbH

    “I really like your translation style. It is easy to understand and enjoyable to read. It gets to the heart of...

    read more

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