My philosophy

My philosophy

So, what is it that makes me so different from other translators?

To explain, I need to get a little bit theoretical.

Ready? Here we go:

Put simply, translation consists of two stages: understanding what the original text says (in my case that’s the German or Russian), and then saying it again in a different language (in my case English).

A lot of people think the first of these – the understanding part – is the most important. That’s why some people assume that if you can understand a foreign language, you can translate.

It isn’t true though.

With me – and with all good translators – the second stage is just as important. It isn’t just what you say – it’s also the way that you say it. So with me you get a translation that not only says what the original says, but says it in a clear, engaging way. That’s important, because if something isn’t clear and engaging, people probably won’t read it. Let alone be inspired by it or act on it.

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